The body is purified by water, the ego by tears, the intellect by knowledge and the soul with love.
- Imam Ali (A.S)
The biggest wealth is that one should not have an eye on what others possess.
- Imam Ali ibne Abi Talib (A.S)
اللهم إني أحبك وإن كنت أعصيك


Allahuma inni uhibbuk wa in kuntu ‘aaseek

O Allah, I love You even though I disobey you.

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If every time Allāh gave you what you ask Him for immediately then your heart wouldn’t be desperately dependent on Him. Your īmān wouldn’t grow, and neither will your relationship with Allāh.

Look at the Youth of the Cave. They got what they wanted but not before they became utterly in need of Allāh.


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So true. I know of so many who have gotten what they wanted and have forgotten religion altogether.

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Visit Karbala in your lifetime so that when you die, you don’t feel like a stranger in Heaven.
- Imam Al-Baqir (A.S)

The one who recited Al-Kaafiya shall not be in need of anyone except Allah (S.W.T.)

When your good deed makes you happy and your bad deed disturbs you, you are a believer.

Prophet Muhammad (pbuh)

Source: Nahjul Fasahah, page 41

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Whoever reads from the text of the Holy Qur’an, his eye vision will be strengthened and his parents’ sins will be forgiven even if they are unbelievers.
- Imam Ja’far al-Sadiq (ع) Odattol Daee p. 406 (via shiaislam)

YAQEEN - that’s all you need.

اَلمُصيبَةُ واحِدَةٌ ، وَ إنْ جَزَعَتْ صارَتْ اِثْنَـتَيْنِ

A tragic event is one. If you do not cope with it, it becomes two.

- Imam Ali ibn Abi Talib [as]  (via lipstick-bullet)

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قد لا تفهم الان او غداً ولكن بمرور الوقت سيكشف لك الله سبب مرورك بكل الصعاب التي مرت عليك.

you may not understand today or tomorrow but eventually God will reveal why you went through everything you did.

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And why would I not weep, for I have no knowledge of my fate and I observe my self deceiving itself and my days are fading away and the wings of death have flapped close by. So why wouldn’t I cry! I weep for my soul’s departing my body, I weep for the darkness of my grave, I weep for the narrowness of my vault, I weep for the questioning of Munkar and Nakeer of me, I weep for my coming out of my grave (on the Resurrection Day) naked, humiliated and carrying my book (of deeds) on my back.
- Dua Abu Hamza

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Mujhse mumkin nahin tujhko samajhna, ya Rabb,
Jis ka baanda ho Ali (A.S) jaisa, wo khuda kya hoga?


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If poverty, illness, and death not existed, man would not bow down to anything.
- Imam Hussain (A.S)

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