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Turn ye to our Lord (in repentance) and bow to His (Will), before the Penalty comes on you: after that ye shall not be helped.
- Quran, 39:54

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Fortunate is the one who learns a lesson from the faults of others.

Prophet Muhammad (pbuh)

Source: Bihar al-Anwar, vol. 71, p-324.

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I seek refuge in You from a soul which is never content, a stomach which is not satisfied and a heart which has no humility

Imam Zain-ul-Abideen (A.S)

If you want to know the religion of a man, do not look at how much he prays and fasts, but rather, look at how he treats people.
- Imam Jafar as-Sadiq (A.S.)
He who bears tales to you certainly bears tales about you.
- Imam Ali (A.S)

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Prefer to be one who is defeated while being just, rather than one who triumphs while being unjust.
- Imam Ali (A.S)
And bear patiently that which befalls you. Surely, these acts require courage.
- Quran 31:17

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The body is purified by water, the ego by tears, the intellect by knowledge and the soul with love.
- Imam Ali (A.S)
The biggest wealth is that one should not have an eye on what others possess.
- Imam Ali ibne Abi Talib (A.S)
اللهم إني أحبك وإن كنت أعصيك


Allahuma inni uhibbuk wa in kuntu ‘aaseek

O Allah, I love You even though I disobey you.

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If every time Allāh gave you what you ask Him for immediately then your heart wouldn’t be desperately dependent on Him. Your īmān wouldn’t grow, and neither will your relationship with Allāh.

Look at the Youth of the Cave. They got what they wanted but not before they became utterly in need of Allāh.


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So true. I know of so many who have gotten what they wanted and have forgotten religion altogether.

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Visit Karbala in your lifetime so that when you die, you don’t feel like a stranger in Heaven.
- Imam Al-Baqir (A.S)

The one who recited Al-Kaafiya shall not be in need of anyone except Allah (S.W.T.)